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Monday, May 3, 2010

Rock (in) my world

Do you remember the first time you used a walkman/iPod?  I do.  For whatever reason, I never had one growing up.  Never wanted one, I guess.  First time I used one was freshman year of college.  I got a new CD player and headphones, and busted them out on the subway in NYC.  It was amazing - I felt like I was walking around in a movie with my own soundtrack.  I remember the CD had Zeppelin, Matchbox 20 and some Eminem.  I was the real slim shady. 

I remembered that just now because I'm wearing headphones and listening to my usual eclectic mix of music (some Breaking Benjamin, some Benny Goodman...some borrowed, some blue).  It made me realize I've gone 5 or 6 weeks without hearing one note of music.  I guess music is one of those things that you don't realize is missing until the first time it re-enters your consciousness. 

I wonder what else is missing and I haven't noticed?
  • Birds.  Haven't seen one since we got here.
  • Kids.  Any non-adult human.
  • Any non-human mammal.  Well, except the military working dogs.  They're the best thing about this place.
  • The smell of gas at the pump (Jersey types have no idea what I'm talking about)
  • My car.  Can't wait to take the top down and go driving through the desert again.
  • Jeans.  Any civilian clothes. 
  • Flies.  Ha ha. 
In sports news, my softball team remains undefeated.  I...do not.  Saturday we played safety and medical, and they were shorthanded.  So I played on their team and we lost.  Sunday, back in pinstripes, we played a medical battalion from the flight line and came back to win a close one, 14-12.  One of the docs took some team pics so when she e-mails them to me I'll post them.

In religious news, on Friday night I "led" Jewish services, which I can do now that I have my official appointment letter as a Jewish lay leader.  There was one other attendee, a nice Mexican Catholic soldier who is studying Hebrew and planning to convert to Judaism.  We had a really nice hour together davening (praying).  When I remember, I'll post a pic of the chapel, just because I can. 

Before he left, the Rabbi got me a desert cammie kippah - how cool is that. 

In former-colonial-power news, I haven't been down to hang out with the Brits in a while.  I could, but I find the trips down there more enjoyable when I don't go every night.  I've never been much of a delayed-gratification kind of guy (microwave > oven), but here having something to look forward to seems at least as important as actually doing the something.  In a related story, I wonder how the Brits feel being here, since they've been fighting in this place since before gunpowder.

Work continues to be busy.  Hopefully when I get back I'll get to see many of you and tell you about some of the things that occupy me day-to-day but that, frustratingly, I can't share in this forum or at this time.  We had a new unit come in today to replace one that's leaving (called a RIP - Relief in Place).  Gunny and I did our AT/FP road show and it was well received. 

Oh, for those of you who know him, I spoke to my little brother two nights ago - the one in the Israeli army (remember, I don't do names here).  First time we've been able to talk since I got here.  He just came off two weeks of Gaza border duty and he's headed back, today I think, for two more.  He's doing well, very excited because he just got approval to go to squad leader's course - the next step toward his ultimate goal of becoming an officer.  Unfortunately, those slobs don't even salute their own officers, so odds of me getting a salute from him some day: not astronomical.  It's always interesting to compare notes with him on tactics, gear etc.  Lots of similarities as you might expect.  Less purple in the Marine Corps, though.

Well once again I've stayed up past my bed time.  More to follow...

Semper DropTop

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Enjoying the blog David, keep it up and stay safe.