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Monday, May 28, 2012

At 3PM today...

Memorial day is drawing to a close here in Afghanistan, and just getting started back home.  There is a perception that to most Americans Memorial Day is an occasion for a three-day weekend and some sales, and that they don't do much reflecting on its underlying meaning.  If that's true, and it may be, then I'm grateful that most of my friends seem to be the exception to the rule.  I just logged into Facebook and already saw a lot of posts thanking the troops, linking to related articles, etc.  As in past years I've gotten some messages and e-mails from you along the same lines.  Thank you.  Your support means a lot.

Israelis commemorate their Memorial Day with an air raid siren that sounds at 11AM.  Everyone in the whole country stops what they are doing for a moment of silence.  Cars even stop in the middle of the street and drivers get out.  If you've never seen it, you should; it will give you chills. 

The Brits do this too.  In the JOC, whenever the Brits lose one of their own, at some point we will all stop what we're doing (except for mission-critical tasks) and stand in silence to remember. 

In America we do this too, but most Americans probably don't know it.  The military observes a moment of silence at 3PM local time in recollection of our fallen brethren and the U.S. government officially encourages everyone to do the same. 

I do too.  Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, please take a moment at 3PM today to remember the brave souls who willingly gave their lives in defense of their family, friends, values and country.

Pass it on.