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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy (belated) birthday, America

Wrote this on the 4th - just got a chance to post it today...

It's Sunday, 4 July, my first Independence Day on deployment, and it just doesn't seem right not to post something here, even though I've only got a few minutes.  Did we do anything special, you may be wondering?  Well sure, we had BBQ ribs and chicken in the chow hall.  But no fireworks if that's what you mean - and no beer.  The war goes on.  I checked...well I checked the thing I check that tells me about what's going on out there (I know, my specificity is richly illuminating).  So I can tell you that war takes no holiday...I'm sure you get my meaning.

Actually, I've heard the story, as I'm sure many of you have, of the war that took a holiday - how on Christmas day one year during WWI, the two sides just stopped shooting at each other, refused to shoot at each other, sang Christmas carols from one trench to the other across the bloody, shell-pitted no man's land, and then got back to business the next day.  It happened, but it seems impossible.  Now that I understand a tiny bit about how wars are fought, the idea that they unilaterally, spontaneously took a day off and refused orders to resume until the next day, sort of leaves me speechless. 

So instead of more words, here are some random pics of life these last few weeks.  More to follow when I've got more time...

Gunny tries to work the new coffee press (thank you, AH!).  
Eventually got it to work, but only after exhausting all crude jokes about breast pumps. 

Gunny poses with a terrorist undercover Marine.

Military working dog came to visit.  Cool Marine factoid: when one of these pups gets injured in the line of duty, they are treated just like a person for CasEvac/triage purposes.

My digs - that's my rack straight ahead and my pile of crap on the left.  
We're 10 to the room, with highly diverse social skill sets.

Semper I

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